The Center for Education and Development (CED) with support from Aflatoun International – a non-government organization organized a training course  on “Life skills and Financial Education through a Gender lens” from 24 to 29 August 2020. The training course provided knowledge, skills, guidance as well as materials for teachers and educators to deliver the program to their students and learners or targeted groups. There were  40 people  representing for Experimental Education Secondary school, Nguyen Tat Thanh Secondary & High school, Hanoi Training school for Educational Officers, Reach, Childfund International of Cao Bang, and Bac Can provinces participated.

Photo of the training course on 24-26 August, 2020

Photo of the training course on 27-29 August, 2020

Due to Covid19, it was not allowed to gather more than 30 people, we divided participants into two groups, the first group attended the training from 24-26 August and the second group attended the course from 27-29 August. The training program included 3 days with these contents: The first training day has 6 sections, including: section 1: introduction and overview, section 2: Orientation, Session 3: Brainstorming, Session 4: Image theatre, Session 5: Cubing and Tree Poems, Session 6. Problem Tree; The second training day has 5 sections, including: section 7: Session 7: Running Dictation, Session 8: Gender Equality in the Classroom, Session 9: Experts’ Groups (Jigsaw) Structured Group Work, Session 10: Talking About Taboo Subjects, Section 11: Memory Card; The third training day has 4 sections, including: Session 12: The savings process, Session 13: Facilitation/Teaching Practice, Session 14: Enterprise Projects, Session 15: Contextualization and Implementation.

The training course’s objects include: Instructing and practicing skills to deliver lessons related to life skills and financial education through a gender lens; Improving the capacity of trainers/facilitators so that they can deliver the training content for their students/ communities; Planning to integrate into some subjects and pilot in schools, educational institutions, organizations.

We divided into 2 training courses as above mention, however, we made this report as one training course and combined the results and assessment from participants from both groups.

On the morning of the first day, there was an exciting activity that introducing participants and their organization. The next activity was the study of the KWL chart to capture the information about what they already know and what they want to learn about the Aflateen+ curriculum. Besides, the facilitator shared about Brainstorming and asked participants to think of associated with peer pressure.

In the afternoon, there were 2 intuitive and lively activities. They were Image Theatre and Tree Poems. Participants discovered how the Image Theatre, Cubing and Tree Poem methods were used in the Aflateen+ curriculum. All participants were divided into 4 groups to make a picture according to message sent by the facilitator.

The first activity of the second day was running dictation. This was a highly appreciated activity by participants because it not only brought new skills but also created an energetic atmosphere during the training process. According to participants, this useful skill can be applied to classes with few students in large space. Next activity was Gender Equity activity led by a story about Surgeon and practiced with Gender Awareness Ball Game. In this session, students also learnt and practiced more skills about the Expert group and Teamwork.

In the afternoon, the facilitator and participants continued to learn the Experts’ group skill, talked about “taboo” subjects and discussed about contraceptive methods in family planning. In addition, the facilitator also shared about Human rights and participants practiced exercise through the Human Rights memory card game.

Please read Report on Aflatoun_training_Final_Oct 5.1 2020  for further information.