About the Program

Aflatoun International, a dynamic network of partner organizations, aims to protect and empower children through social and financial education, as well as give them a space to innovate and grow. As part of this mission, Aflatoun develops youth-empowering curricula and training materials for educators.

Aflatoun International’s most recent curriculum, Aflateen+, maintains its core values of social and financial education with an expanded focus on gender inequities. The curriculum is designed not only to empower young girls, but also to help adolescent boys understand their relative advantage over their female counterparts.

Since 2019, CED has worked closely with Aflatoun International to deliver the Aflateen+ program to Vietnam. This program focuses on gender equality and economic prosperity for girls and women, addressing issues faced by females across the globe. It gives girls and women the opportunity to learn about their rights and tackle not only ethical issues, but economic and financial ones too.

CED has developed a translated version of the Aflateen+ program, while also contextualizing the curriculum to meet the needs and interests of the youth of Vietnam. Our team have designed, edited and formatted the Aflateen+ ‘Life Skills and Financial Education Through a Gender Lens’ curriculum, along with the training manual, in order to make the program accessible to Vietnamese students and educators alike.

In order to create a program that suits education in Vietnam, CED has been closely researching and evaluating the contents and activities that have been piloted in Vietnam. In collaboration with its partners, CED organized a review workshop to share information about financial education and social skills in the current curriculum of secondary and high school, review results and experience of the course so far, and get comments and suggestions on the inclusion of life and financial skills education through the gender lens for young people. A representative of the Ministry of Education and Training, representative of educational institutions, representatives of CED and other NGOs, and representatives of teachers in participating schools attended the review workshop session.

In cooperation with partners, including Aflatoun International, CED has organized Training of Trainers courses in schools and local organizations around Vietnam. CED’s trainers have coached and supported teachers and educators previously trained by Aflatoun and CED to enable them to deliver valuable lessons for their students and beneficiaries using the Aflateen+ training curriculum.

Alongside this, CED has implemented the tailored Aflateen+ Vietnamese program into local schools, providing pilot training for students. Both CED trainers and trained teachers have taken part in delivering the course, aiming at providing fundamental knowledge related to rights, finance and enterprise. The program has been provided to students both in school, and also online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but no matter how it has been delivered, it has been met with great enthusiasm from students who have eagerly participated in the course.