Training courses for students

The Aflateen+ curriculum follows 6 main modules in order to educate young people on ethical and financial issues. Each section provides valuable information for the development of students, and has been edited, translated and contextualised by CED and its partners to apply to the needs of the girls and boys of Vietnam. The sections are as follows:

1.    Myself, My World

This section focuses on exploring personal identity, appreciating uniqueness, and gaining the confidence to express internal affirmations. Within these lessons, students will learn how to harness their inner strengths so that they can utilize them to overcome obstacles and better prepare for the future. Here, students examine how outside influences can impact oneself. Whether it is our relationships, community, or the media, knowing who and what has influenced who we are today teaches us the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people and environments in order to become the people we want to be.

2.    My Right, My Ideas

The second branch of the curriculum delves into the concept of human rights. We analyze how we can utilize them to realize our full potential and promote them to help those less able do so. This section addresses injustices such as violence and discrimination, as well as the prejudice and stereotypes that perpetuates it. Students are given the tools to determine their own agency and to advocate for others.

3.    My Body, My Choices

This series of lessons supports adolescents in understanding the changes that come with age. This includes emotional growth and necessary mental health awareness, as well as physical growth and the maturity and responsibility that must come with it. With sexual and reproductive health education must come an education on sexual decision making and knowing one’s own boundaries. This section also outlines preventative measures for unhealthy or abusive relationships, and information on HIV, AIDS, contraception, and family planning.

4.    My Money, My Plans

This section focuses on personal finance, and the concepts and discipline behind saving, spending, and budgeting. Students can explore the impact financial decisions can have on their lives and the options available to support them in financial decision-making. This section also analyzes the power dynamics within families, communities and institutions, and the structural inequalities that disadvantage women in the workplace, including what can be done to dismantle them.

5.    My Enterprise

In this section, students learn the ins and outs of starting an enterprise. This begins with laying a strong foundation with self-confidence as its base, and good role models to emulate as supporting pillars. Lessons support students to organize ideas, write a business plan, and build skills in time management, money management, promotion, communication with coworkers or customers, and market research. The objective is to help young adults feel better prepared for opportunities that come their way, and also gain the courage to create their own opportunities.

6.    Reflections and Next Steps

The last piece of the curriculum spotlights the gravity of staying focused and action planning. Participants will reflect on personal themes throughout their lessons and create concrete plans for their financial and professional future.