Online training

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, local schools closed almost entirely during the academic year of 2020/21. Thus, most of the pilot training activities transitioned to online. CED has worked with trainers to design training agenda and materials to facilitate this online training, including online lessons, interactive presentations, and effective tools and methods for educators to use to maximize teaching online.

While the original plan of piloting the program at schools was delayed and students had to study online, CED continued to support teachers in delivering training online to 120 students at Nam Tu Liem secondary schools in Hanoi. Similarly, an online course was delivered to students at Thuc Nghiem high school. The course aimed at providing fundamental knowledge related to rights, finance, and enterprise (My rights; My money; My enterprise) in the Aflateen+ curriculum to students. After the course, students have enhanced and strengthened their knowledge around rights and responsibilities, finance, and enterprise.

The teachers from Dien Bien and Cao Bang provinces attended these lessons as observers in order to utilise the training materials and tools developed for training online. This was to allow for expansion to their own students during the academic year affected by COVID-19. In terms of rolling the program out to students, 10 teachers have delivered on-site training sessions to 100 ethnic-minority girls from 5 high schools in Dien Bien. In Cao Bang province, 60 students attended training online. Over the course of the pandemic, teachers in Cao Bang and Dien Bien provinces were able to expand the online training to an additional 200 students.