A 3-day online course was delivered to 42 students from grade 11B – Thuc Nghiem high school. The course aimed at providing fundamental knowledge related to rights, finance, enterprise (My rights; My money; My enterprise) in the Afateen curriculum to students. And after the course, the students will enhance and strengthen their related knowledge to rights & responsibilities, finance, enterprise. In addition, through the course CED wants to optimise the online program to spread them out in the future.

The course was structured by a 2-hour lesson in every 3 days (see the agenda to have more details).

In terms of evaluation of the course, we evaluate 3 key following factors: the student’s participation; the student’s attitude; and the student’s absorption with the knowledge. For the participation, the number of students who eagerly participated in lesson activities was quite high. This number fluctuated from one lesson to another, as well as one question to another. For instance, this figure of lesson 1 was about 40% with the opened-ended question, over 70% with multiple choice questions and matching pairs activities, over 80% with games. Generally, the student was fascinated by games activities and quizzes more than opened-ended questions.

For the student’s attitude, they were quite eager to join in lesson activities, especially, they always showed their respect to others’ questions and answers throughout the lesson. Besides, as students live in Hanoi and have access to information, so they have better social, economical and cultural knowledge than students in remote areas, particularly information related to gender and sexuality.

The course have some common problems such as interruption of internet connection, lack of face-to-face interactions and activities as expected.

Figure 1. the list of student participating in the course